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II. Business Architecture

NSA-6: Business Architecture




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Because the facts are sometimes not enough!


Our business architecture resembles open source agreements commonly found in the market today.

NSA-6 and its alliances all agree to assist individuals at their own individual level of expertise.




In most traditional businesses the education of the business itself is one of the key components which assists a company in building itself, assisting individuals within the company to make it a more enriching company, and of course helps maintain the collaborative efforts of employees to work together for a common cause.


Traditional vs. New Traditions



However, in today's world, the rules have changed. In the traditional model of business individuals rely heavily upon product support and sales in order to keep a business or company going. In the so-called "traditional" business venture the common individual has no place and no say so.

What is a Fixed Income?

The word fixed income is an elusive word. If you're working for a company, then you are also working on a fixed income. The logical definition of fixed income only means that your income is absolute each paycheck.

The reason entrepreneurs have such a hard time achieving large goals is due to a lack of business capital, education, and support services.

Times Have Changed

During the last few years the tables have turned once again helping the entrepreneur achieve higher goals by using collaborative efforts. Many so-called "direct sales" companies have made millionaires out of many people. More so than working for a traditional job which only offers you fixed wages.

The Mental Warefare

Traditional businesses have always frowned against the entrepreneur for the simple reason that they have painted the entrepreneur to seem as the self-interested individual that is or may be using the traditional business company as a means of gaining intelligence and information.

The traditional business then had to employ tactics which dealt with discrediting entrepreneurs and writing falsified agreements of conflict of interest as well as no-compete clauses. By using the collaborative efforts of each individual with a new business structure individuals are able to collaborate without competing. Unlike traditional school systems which do not allow students to cheat off of their neighbors' homework, the new business strategies absolutely enjoy and thrive on duplication and collaboration.

Time for Money? - No More

NSA-6 has worked to collect the best opportunities available for entrepreneurs who wish to make more time and more money simultaneously, as opposed to traditional businesses where you trade your time for money.

Now you Can Cheat!

Working together by filling in the blanks, Become The Source works towards the object of Information Dissemination through the means of educating individuals on the systems. The systems include emotional intelligence, understanding of finances, understanding of spirituality, and much more. It also uses a basic semi-traditional endeavor with Humanacon for scholastic education.

This new business model has already helped thousands of people achieve their goals while helping others achieve theirs.



It is a synergy alliance.

Author: Michelle York

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