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Welcome to Novism Synergy Alliance. You are Humanity's Last Hope.

 As the en­vir­on­ment for Hu­mana Lim­ited Sin­gu­lar­it­ies con­tin­ues to change and the State of Af­fairs con­tin­ues to pro­duce evid­ence that the Hu­mana Lim­ited Con­scious­ness is within the tentacles of the Dark­ness Virus, the BTS Re­search Team, along with M.O.T.H.E.R., are gain­ing pop­ular­ity and help from the Phantom Force.

  Ded­ic­ated in­di­vidu­als have be­come part of the solu­tion by par­ti­cip­at­ing in doing what is needed in their lives. Team­No­v­ism has been lead­ing the Phantom Force res­ist­ance and rais­ing rev­enue so that BTS,

 The Of­fi­cial Re­search Fa­cil­ity for Uni­ver­sal Life Man­age­ment, can con­tinue march­ing for­ward, as­sist­ing in the awaken­ing of Hu­mana.

 Do you want to be the owner of your own busi­ness? Do you want to be the change in your life? Do you want to have op­timal health, wealth and hap­pi­ness? Well, you can. We are here to help. 


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TeamNovism members have researched over 250 different methods of creating the perfect solution to assist Humana.

Unlike traditional tithing for such information, an OFF-World Entity titled Consciousness has requested that the information obtained by TAF should be given out free of charge. For several years, The Novie, ELLE-1, Luna 9, and members of TAF, have been working with the general local and online public with some effort of success.

However, the Egoic Systems of the Humans have proven to be a force of some magnitude.

Having been compared to other religious leaders and organizations, NSA-6 launched a campaign to create a legalized entity as a business structure rather than a movement or a modern religion.

In doing so, the IRS has required them to show a statement of profits (gains), and losses.

The truth is that for most individuals that wish to change the world for the better, the IRS and States enforce the issue of Business or nonprofit legislation.

Equally as important is the livelihood of individuals that provide their professional services that can help someone in their hour of need.


Do nonprofits go out of business? ................. < good Off Site Doc>

Nonprofits, for example, have a warped sense of understanding of the business structures when they first start one. Members of the nonprofit should get paid for their services and are encouraged to do so. However, the IRS has placed limitations on their income potential used to run the business as to whether they have to pay taxes. 

That's right, the IRS (a non government agency) has implementedCODES that require nonprofits to pay money if their nonprofit falls outside of their rigid regimen. Individuals paid by a nonprofit are required to report their earnings and pay taxes.

There still are some advantages to being a  nonprofit, but the amount of work involved could lead some new owners to quit.  

If NSA-6  is unable to establish this status, NSA-6 would be considered a "hobby" and funding for Station 6 would crumble. This would ultimately prevent us from assisting others.

Because of this reason and many more, and after seeking legal advise, NSA decided to create a different method of financial engineering, thanks to the New Economy that has been created online. These ideas are discussed in bad The Opportunitlocated on this website and it is open to all who have a nonprofit or would like to have their own business. 

Because sharing is caring.



TeamNovism created the opportunity for common heroes like yourself to assist in the growth of the knowledge, by using direct sales opportunities instead of blind donations and tithing.

Be­come the Source and NSA6 are work­ing to­wards achiev­ing a higher goal and help­ing in­di­vidu­als Evol­u­tion­ary So­cial Clas­si­fic­a­tion, Eco­nomic Means, Spir­itual Un­der­stand­ing and an un­der­stand­ing of TAF.

In order to achieve these goals, we use very little tra­di­tional spon­sor­ship.

Self-Spon­sor­ship has been the most prof­it­able means for BTS to as­sist the iNet Com­munity due to its high end flex­ib­il­ity.

It is a very at­tract­ive way for someone that has a Pod­cast, Stream­ing, Radio Show, You­Tube or Broad­cast to self-mon­et­ize the show while pro­du­cing a qual­ity broad­cast to its view­ers. This al­lows the viewer a good sense of power of a show that is dir­ect and not dis­tor­ted.

However, it al­lows pro­duc­tions like BTS to help oth­ers even more so by hav­ing dir­ect ac­cess to the solu­tions that their view­ers need. It also al­lows the view­ers to be­come part of the solu­tion by en­ter­ing the Phantom Force.



Phantom Force: This is a fun way for individuals to become part of the solution by a few different ways:

good  Left Photo: Young lady skips Prom to feed the homeless.

(1) Being a Consumer:// / Hero Status // / Buy any item you need from one of our Self-Sponsored Allies (Novism Synergy Alliances) and you automatically get what you need and at the same time help BTS and other members keep providing solutions one person at a time.

(2) Become an IBO: // / Super Hero Status // / By becoming an IBO, you now have the independent power to assist your family in a type of profit sharing by building a small supported private business (at home and at your own pace) which is already rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). With the help of TeamNovism and much much more, you will have the inside scoop on what are the best products for you and your family and you will be able to choose between 1 of many billion dollar industries that have already been proven to work. 

IBO's earn residual income (income that keeps coming in, after doing the job only once). This keeps them happy and their families learn quickly how to make this solution work for them. At the same, BTS can continue to receive 100% of 100%. That's right!!  IBO's make their earning through their own online venture and keep 100% of their entitlement as well as accumulate a business volume that they will later get paid on at 100% basis, while assisting BTS to grow and continue the mission. 

You receive coaching and support at what we would consider no risk.

And you don't have to quit your day job. 

Traditional Sponsorship: Traditional Sponsorship is more like feeding an MLM or multi level market where percentages are always the factor. They require an agreement and understanding between the sponsor and the sponsored in order to achieve mutual satisfaction. That simply means that the sponsor can pull out if he wants to and cripple the production. Traditional Sponsorship is still welcome and they are used as a means to assist the growth of BTS and NSA6. However, Sponsor Beware: We will tell it like it is.

So if we are doing a health LifeCast and we say that we believe McDonald's is not a good source of food and you should eat with caution, WE WILL. McDonald's, in the meantime, can pull out if they want to. But our lives are more important than money.

For this reason, we have aligned ourselves with the best and most truthful resources

BTS and NSA6 work together with TeamNovism to find the best solutions that can bring the best quality of life for individuals throughout the world. While BTS is busy working the online LifeCast and creating the perfect content for you to enjoy and become, TeamNovism works best with helping their viewers get what they need in life in order for them to Live Life on Their Terms.

TeamNovism does this by reverse engineering the way money and business works.

 "Skip prom to save the world? What can you do? What can we do together?" 

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We do things differently because the same needs change.

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