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Because the facts are sometimes not enough!



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Online Internet Radio broadcasting at its best. Imagine now that you have the ability to find the answers you have always wanted to ask, but didn't know who to ask.

The Cast of BTS is at the leading edge of Life Management comprehension and understanding Eso Life.


What is BTS

Many individuals often ask the very same question, and the answers may vary, depending on who you speak to. In short, BTS is a multimedia organization bringing to you not only hard to find information, but also bringing you the answers. It is an organization which works towards life management. In order to help you achieve your absolute best life-style outcome, The FOUR PILLARS were established. The Pillars consist of a twofold repertoire: they consist of the education needed to understand how to achieve your optimal outcome, and also provide the resources necessary to achieve them.


Life Management

After understanding world economics, the common sciences, thousands of self-help books, and researching psychological warfare and theology, BTS arrived to the conclusion that the reason individuals were/are not able to achieve their life goals, is due to the complexity of our social and educational structures. It is only recently, thanks to the ability to analyze information from several points of collaboration, that understanding the Art of Humanity (or the Art of achieving a level of happiness) is now available. In order to achieve happiness, several ratios should be accomplished. These sciences are not available to public education. BTS explores plausibility.

Eso Life

We are currently working towards the unification of information concerning the wellness and education of humanity. If you are interested in joining our collaboration team, please let BTS know that you are interested and would like to join our organization. We are a group of free thinking individuals searching for full disclosure.


ELLE-1, Luna 9, The Novie and M.O.T.H.E.R. (Mother)


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