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bibx logo 001Bibx: (Business in a Box)

 A business for every walk of life.
Bibx is not about whether you are right for the business. It is about whether the business is right for you. We are a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to make a difference in our lives as well as other people. We are an independent business owner of the companies we support. We take you through the journey of helping you understand your option and helping you understand why this is a business for all walks of life.

What is even better than that?

                       We help you grow your business using real open-source tools and real teamwork.


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About Bibx

bibx logo 001About BIBX:

BIBX stands for Business in a Box. This show deals with the psychological and emotional empowerment of the self and includes the ability to be innovative in producing revenue or a lifestyle that you desire. It uses a real and an honest business structure in order to explore the ability that you normally might not be able to have or explore due to the lack of education, lack of motivation, or lack of finances to try to do something that would create any type of revenue in your life. So although it's part of the story, the business model is actually very real and so is the advice.


No Experience Needed

That is right there is no experience needed.


  • Training
  • Audios (download)
  • Video (download or meeton.com)
  • BTS support and menting


For those with Sale Experience: 

Sales experts are also welcomed as they can plug in to the training and easily adapt to a no sales, no compete strategy.


Specialized Training:


We also have access to specicalized training. 

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