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bibx logo 001Bibx: (Business in a Box)

 A business for every walk of life.
Bibx is not about whether you are right for the business. It is about whether the business is right for you. We are a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to make a difference in our lives as well as other people. We are an independent business owner of the companies we support. We take you through the journey of helping you understand your option and helping you understand why this is a business for all walks of life.

What is even better than that?

                       We help you grow your business using real open-source tools and real teamwork.


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About Bibx

bibx logo 001About BIBX:

BIBX stands for Business in a Box. This show deals with the psychological and emotional empowerment of the self and includes the ability to be innovative in producing revenue or a lifestyle that you desire. It uses a real and an honest business structure in order to explore the ability that you normally might not be able to have or explore due to the lack of education, lack of motivation, or lack of finances to try to do something that would create any type of revenue in your life. So although it's part of the story, the business model is actually very real and so is the advice.


What is Self Monetization?

new ideasMaybe your head is spinning a bit after we introduced the concept of self monetization--it is after all, a fairly new concept. Not to worry: The idea of self monetization is pretty easy to understand once we’ve broken it down.

So let’s break it down!
When you monetize something, you're taking something that you do on a regular basis (or would like to do) and finding a way to make you income. In this case, it could be a hobby or a subject of conversation you love to talk passionately about. In other words, something you would enjoy doing.

So the idea of self monetizing means you will be able to create a way to earn income on what you do on a regular basis with as much independence as possible. This means: no extra agents to pay, no extra companies to pay, etc.

As we said in a previous article: There! Mystery solved!

To view a more extensive explanation of self-monetization and its connection to current social media trends, click here. As explained in this same article, YouTube has evolved to be more than just a place to rant or upload prank videos.

It has evolved to a living blog of education, entertainment, and inspiration.

Because of this, many people, some who were there since the very early beginnings of YouTube, became what’s been called, YouTube Celebrities. As explained here, some of these YouTubers take home a pretty hefty paycheck.


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But what about the rest of us?

True, there is a chance that people will produce that lucky break of a topic and are able to keep it going with consistent episodes on YouTube, but that's rarer than you think. With Self Monetization through Shop.com, you're able to establish a YouTube channel, and broadcast your content through self sponsorship, an independent way to sell products that people shop for everyday.


  • Choose from over 40 million products
  • Earn commissions when your viewers purchase from your Shop.com website
  • On a long term basis, you get the benefit of residual income, meaning you can still earn paychecks even after and if you decide to retire from your YouTube career!


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