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III. What Novism Synergy Can Offer You

Novism Synergy Alliance(NSA6)  is powered by a group of volunteers that understand the need to provide support to individuals at whatever level is needed.





As a customer:

We have access to thousands of products and services 

  • Life Management through
    • Amuchie: OFFWorld
    • BrainSnax
    • Eso-Life -  (Economic and Spiritual Optimization  for Life)
    • LifeCast - MemJoggers
    • LifeCast - Premise
    • Email Support
    • Wellness Consultations
    • Quality of Life Support 


As a client

  • Provide Lifecast management articles 
  • Provide Wellness Product Consultation
  • Provide Entrepreneurs mentorship for
    • DynexSM Project
    • iNet Community
    • Self-Sponsoring your Social Media



As a shopping Annuity