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V. What is Self Sponsorship?




The Shopping Annuity can elevate your Social Media and your Business to heights you never knew existed 


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You may have heard of the term "self-sponsoring" from business investors. But that's a different matter!

In this case, most people get sponsored when they are sponsored by another company or product line. Simply put, the company allows you to recommend their products and services on your video segment, be it shoes, clothes, skincare products, a car, tools, snacks, tax services, peanut butter, the new Halo game--the list goes on.

It doesn't stop there.


You may even have rolling ads of said products and services before, during, or after your video. 



That's all well and good, but when WE think of sponsoring like that, we think of this:

devil holding guitar




That's because traditional sponsors is the DEVIL, and because you’re making a deal with the DEVIL!



Traditional Sponsorship

But seriously...

There are a few downsides of traditional sponsorship.

  • You’re limited to the things you say: To be fair, there are regulations and rules that everyone should follow as a rule of thumb. However, when being sponsored, you need to watch what you say about the product as well as what you are doing in the content of your video.   
  • You can lose the sponsorship. The company can go belly-up, or feel that your videos don't align with their content, or something else.
  • Any profits that you get from this, a portion goes to the sponsor. And by a portion, we usually mean, "a bigger cut than what you get."

open door to money


To be honest, this has been one of the only ways you could make money from your YouTube videos. Up until 2008, that is. In 2008 when Shop.com was established through Market America, it opened up the doors to the possibility of converting spending that you and everyone else goes into earning through the Shopping Annuity. We will get into more detail later (or here in this article), so here's the least you need to know: If you shop for products for reviews or hauls, or shop for anything you need for your channel and shows, whether it's cameras or other equipment, you can buy these same items on Shop.com for a lowest possible price, earn commissions, and earn cash back for yourself. Hence the phrase, "Convert spending into earning." Of course, these earnings can multiple if you and others are doing the same shopping from your own personal Shop.com website.

    • And one of the best ways we've found to get others to do this is through self-sponsoring.
    • With self-sponsoring, YOU are the sponsor. You do not have to rely on other companies any longer.
    • Ok, so what exactly do you sponsor? Virtually anything you want!
    • Choose from over 40 million products on Shop.com...you’ll never run out of ideas!
    • And we're willing to bet that over half of what you talk about in your hauls and reviews can be found on Shop.com through the partner stores!!!
    • So next time you want to review Clinique or MAC or the latest video game, direct your viewers to buy it on your personal Shop.com website.


So to recap: By using Shop.com as a distributor to self-sponsor yourself on YouTube:

    • You get paid commissions.
    • Your viewers now become YOUR customers!
    • Your customers get cash back for their purchases.
    • Your customers get the lowest prices for top consumer goods like Nike, MAC, Clinique, Sony, Express clothing, Hefty, Glad--and many others.
    • The shop.com website itself features more than 12,000 Hot Deals every Day--there’s no running out of bargains for your viewers!

BTS Leading By Example


BTS and NSA6 would not join a business that was not worthwhile.

We should know! We've researched over 300 other businesses before were careful to select Market America / Shop.com!

BTS/NSA-6 made a promise to build an online community that would help support each other. Our personal promise is to create such a community had high expectations.

We needed a business that would meet our standards--and treat you like family. So when we chose to work with Market America/Shop.com, we were not only going to be working with big successes like Carl, but also connected to over 180,000 Shop Consultants.

So when you join Market America / Shop.com and the iNet Community, you are becoming part of a BIG family.

We did our part--now it's time to do yours.

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