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Because the Faces are sometimes not enough!



HumanaCon works together with numerous associations in order to bring you the absolute best in academic studies and research as well as self enhancement and improvement.

We have made it extremely easy for venues and other forms of educators to be able to collaborate and enhance general knowledge as well as academic knowledge. At HumanaCon, we believe that the world begins with each and every one of you.

Read through our articles in order to maintain a good and common understanding of what courses are available as well as what you need to do to prepare for taking them and passing them successfully.

HumanaCon is a Meta-Cognitive Alliance which has allowed us to exist and participate in fields of education that is not commonly found in traditional school structures.

Here you will find self enhancement education, courses that will assist you to understand how the human body functions in a practical manner, theology, courses and education on social conditioning, theology, religion, esoteric knowledge, and much more.

Thanks to Become the Source, and allied partnerships, Novism Synergy Alliances is able to bring you free courses periodically from the creators and producers of iRadio - Become the Source. Welcome aboard!


UFO Training

Because the facts are sometimes not enough!

UFO Training for success:

We are unlike the Traditional Franchise

As an independent business owner you are bound only by the guidelines of self-reliance.

Unlike a Traditional Franchise like McDonals, UPS, Mailboxes, where you pay anywhere from $150,00 to $750,000 of your own money, the unfranchised solutions start as little as $100,000 for you to have the same earning potential as they do Fail Safe Support and Training is given by the

So there is very little risk.

BTS and NSA-6 have done the research for you.

We have picked 3 incredible well developed businesses that you may be able to work from home without having to pay very much.


"Most countries have been secretly funded by entrepreneurs just like you. An idea whose first emergence was where someone chooses to work on is called an entrepreneur. Simply. You have been an entrepreneur all your life and didn't even know it."


Fail Safe Support:

Each one of the three franchises that have been researched by BTS allow you to grow your own business and assist you with creating financial independence at your own pace.

They provide meeting by individuals that have been successful on the path of success using the very same tools that are provided to you and sometimes they have succeeded with even less.

So you are in business by yourself and you are your own boss, without having to do it by yourself.

Each business opportunity has their own unique skills and share their knowledge in their own way.

NSA and BTS Support:

The Big Business concepts are getting more a more powerful each year. Each year laws are passed forcing the common person to adhere to laws and trade treaties that you had no knowledge of, nor did you have a say in whether it passes or not.

As a result the individual family units suffer a great loss.

Meanwhile Taxation without Representation increases. This is money you give the IRS and Local Government.


4 Pillar Education




We Believe in Education:

NSA-6 is essentially driven by research and analysis we feel is vital to your everyday living conditions. For example, taken into consideration your health and wellness.

Knowing how vital your personal well-being is to you and those around you, the NSA-6 has created the URHealth division. We understand that when individuals ,such as yourselves, do not feel well the decisions you take are altered by mood, chemicals and outside influences. During these moments your ability to make decisions will be affected by your chemistry and may change the outcome of what you had initially thought it would be.

Although it is highly publicized that drugs impair judgment and other fundamental functions of life, what is not publicized are the other key elements such as your personal finances.

For Example:

When was the last time you did something while you were angry at someone or sick from a temporary illness?

Likewise when individuals such as ourselves are constantly in a negative flow of concerns and worries, our Judgment is also impaired, which may cost you money due to minor accidents or a divorce and/or thousands of dollars in legal fees.

NSA-6 recognizes that the media has heavily influenced the individual ability of skewing realistic views making the lives of individuals harder to realize due an inaccurate portrayal of realistic living. NSA-6 has realized that they are called the four pillars.


4 pillars that are of great importance:

  • Education
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Spirituality

Become the Source (BTS)

Works through a process called Mother Information Dissemination (MID)

In order to bring awareness to Eso Life Management topics, viewers are encouraged to share the MID segments and ask questions of their own.

They are the broadcasting edcuational awareness branch of NSA-6 Division.


Is a Forum where People can Express their constructive ideas and view points in order to establish a stronger community.

Business in a Box (BiBX)

Business in a Box helps individuals that are seeking to establish financial freedom.


UFO and UFO Training Opportunity

NSA-6 has brought together some of the best online marketing strategies together and have established a good connection with real individuals that know how to help you become successful.

The Association Files: TAF

Join us if you dare to the insight of the paranormal research involved in spiritual understanding. The TAF Department does not only sit in a pew and learn by osmosis. They have taken the leap in to understand the supernatural and understanding other sections of the spiritual life in order to bring it into a no-nonsense educational system.

It is now common knowledge that with the indepth help and assistance of key individuals which include the BTS team, TAF is working to create a home addition of the BOEK.


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