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LogEvent 2015-09-05 | Kira - A Million Universes In One History…/a-million-universes-in-one-history



One night a few nights ago in my favorite magical book store I met three mystical individuals. Since then my life has been changed. This song is dedicated to them for inspiring a deeper spiritual awakening in me.

Nobody told you that there are a million universes in one history

Nobody told you
(are a million universes in one history)
Nobody told you
(are a million universes in one history)
Nobody told you
(are a million universes in one history)

Dear earthlings I speak to you
Human to human hearts
I sat alone in darkness
And traced my mind in star charts
I discovered that no one told you
All it takes to transcend
from one world to the next
Is a change in perspective


" I wanted to let you guys know that tonight I wrote & recorded a song dedicated to you three - it was inspired by meeting you all and our discussion"

" I'm feeling so much more spiritual

And I believe in magic, truly. I always chased "magic" in life-- but I never really fully believed. Now I just know that there is so much more out there."



Become The Source Recounts:

BTS and NSA-6 mean what they say:

"We are changing lives one person at a time through the teaching of self-empowerment."


The BTS Crew decided to take a mission trip to a place called Asheville, and while there stumbled upon a little magic book store. There, by chance of possibility, they met Kira & Wayne.

Aa it turns out, Kira just got back from a 9 month travel trip across the world. She has all around talent, producing films, writing songs, and is a singer. Wayne is a film producer as well, and makes his living off of his still photography.

We shared stories and our knowledge of business and pleasures. We shared with them our goals and what BTS stood for and what BTS is meant to do. A few days after we returned from Asheville, Kira wrote us back on chat, announcing her newest song. What a surprise that it was inspired by us! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

-Wake Up Consciousness!