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Keys to Success

Welcome Center  

Thank you very much for deciding to become a new Associate with Team Novism for Shop.com or The DynexSM Project.

In the following next pages, we will assist you in understanding how you can become healthy and wealthy. However, training does not stop here.

Novism Synergy Concepts in many cases offers supplemental training to help you understand how to do your business well. Shop.com or The DynexSM Project has already thought out clearly all that you would need in order to become healthy and wealthy.


Getting Started

1stly: Perhaps one of the first things to understand is that like any other venture, idea, concept, or even job there is a small lapse of time where we as individuals feel as if we are climbing a mountain. We can assure you this is common. The scientific reason for this is that there may be some old habits or old experiences which have produced fear and the mind. Another reason of science is that all new things require a neuron association within the neo cortex of the brain. These associations, since I've never before been established, can produce a little bit of anxiety and a little bit of stress in some cases.

The antidote: one of the main reasons Team Novism has put together several methods of comprehension is exactly to establish a more comfortable level, so you can learn at your own pace.

There will be no one judging you were forcing you to do anything that you would not normally do or that you cannot do. Shop.com or The DynexSM Project has created a simplified system of understanding and comprehension so that you can achieve your goals, both in health and in financial status. Team Novism understands a deeper meaning why you should become an associate member of Shop.com or The DynexSM Project.


 Breaking your Belief that you can't do it

2ndly: Because of our upbringing, we often believe that we have to please someone else in order to achieve a level of self-gratification. This is an old method of control that has been used by school systems, and governments in order to keep your business running and alive.

We assure you that the best means of gratification is when you look in the mirror and know for a fact that you have made the right choice because you yourself decide to. We are here to assist you in that choice the best way we know how...


 Keys to Success

3rdly: Some of the keys to success is to maintain a proper perspective and know all the information and training in order to maintain that perspective alive. Team Novism and Shop.com or The DynexSM Project can help you keep both feet on the ground and also show you how to fly. We will provide you with step-by-step guidance and information so that you can achieve your goals within you adventure with Shop.com or The DynexSM Project.

One of those perspectives should always be your personal health. Many individuals fail to realize that due to poor health, a lot of problems both a psychological and emotional begin to occur. Most salesmen know and understand that in order to get a good sale they need to work with your emotions which are normally based upon your own self-evaluation and your own self-esteem. Team Novism and Shop.com or The DynexSM Project together, help you understand the key elements that can help you achieve good health and in great finances.


It's Not Monkey Business just because it is easy

4thly: Easy to use and easy to do. Shop.com or The DynexSM Project has created a very simple system that can assist you and help you with achieving your goals in health and in finances. They have made it so easy that many children from the ages of 18 have been able to accomplish good means within the company. We are not saying that any "monkey" can do it. We are saying that the steps have been carefully thought out in order to assist you in your journey to success. However, you still have to do the work.


Staying focused

Stay in focus essentially means that once you understand the perspective see you are trying to achieve that you remain focused on achieving them. Too many times to many thoughts guide individuals into many directions and therefore causing stress.

We know that you have been sick and tired of being sick and tired. But it is important to stay focused on your business and your health. Realistically it takes 2 to 5 years to build your business. Part of the reason that 9 out 5 business fail is due to poor management of the cash flow and most 1st-time business owners think that every thing is an over night success.

It is more common to see an individual work hard in their business and expect a 2- 5-year plan to work successfully in less time than anticipated than it is vice verse.

The good thing about starting your business with Shop.com or The DynexSM Project is that most of the ground work has been laid ours for you. In other words, the path has been created for you, all you have to do is learn to walk it.

BTS and Novism have online courses that are periodically developed as means to allow individual find better ways and methods to do business. In many ways, these classes (mostly free) are field promoted. Which means that they have tested and tried by individuals already in the business.

Team Novism (NSC) and BTS allow the participation of their Shop.com or The DynexSM Project Associates to work together and use some of the resource available online such as spots in BTS Become the Source Broadcast Programs and more.

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