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Step 1. (Basic Start) - Shopping Annuity

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Shopping Annuity: Change the Way People Around the World Shop.

Convert Your Spending into Earning Now.


Start Here



What is the First Step?

After you register your business, the first thing you want to do is start your Shopping Annuity. The Shopping Annuity is a system of economically connected households and individuals. By purchasing from Market America brands as well as continuing to shop at your favorite stores using your Shop.com web portal, you begin to create a Shopping Annuity. 

The Shopping Annuity helps you learn your business and build multiple streams of income. It is the basic building block for all beginners.

So, since you are already shopping since the day you got your first paycheck, it's easy to understand that you're already part of the shopping--without creating the annuity!


What is the Shopping Annuity?

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through Shop.com. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don't have to invest a massive amount of money to get started. In fact, your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases.

Because it builds on the spending habits you’re already doing, this is one of the easiest ways to start a business. It does not require a degree or keeping inventory, or even direct selling of other name brands. 

Plus, you will be working for yourself but not by yourself. We offer free mentorship with the chance to work as a team. 

Simply by changing your spending habits and sharing your success, you will be part of a new and powerful sub-economy that will assist you in earning a retirement income in as little as 2 - 3 years.

We introduce a revolutionary system of earning an income through what is a hidden sub-economy that you’re already participating in and did not even know it!




How the Shopping Annuity Works

  1. Identify all of the products you are currently buying every 4-12 weeks, then classify Market America's exclusive products that can replace them.

  2. For those products that cannot be replaced with Market America's products, you can continue buying those same products from the same stores through your own SHOP.COM website.

  3. Recommend Market America's exclusive products and the SHOP.COM website to 10-15 individuals and build relationships to create lifetime value.

  4. Identify 2-8 individuals committed to improving their financial situation by becoming an UnFranchise owner and creating a Shopping Annuity.

  5. Teach, manage, and assist others to convert spending into earning by changing what they buy and how they buy it.



How much Cash Back has been paid?


Over $33,000,000 awarded in cash back.



No selling...

No inventory...

No worries...

Free mentorship...

Work as a team...

Convert your spending into earning by redirecting your shopping habits!   

There’s no limit to what you can earn.

Grow around the world by converting your spending money into earning money and success with the Shopping Annuity.

The power to change the industry is in your hands. Get everyone you know into the Shopping Annuity Wheelbarrow!




Novism Notes:

 We the members of the team do not get props or paid for registering a business, small business, or an individual. It's about building the system, ask your personal distributor how this works.


So what is the next step in increasing my income potential?


Well since you are in the business for yourself but not by yourself, and you now can provide services and products? You can begin to earn Profits on thousands of MA Exclusive produce and IBV and BV (we will explain those later) as well as earning an income stream when others shop on your shop.com. You can begin to sell anything and everything.




Quick Overview

Start today and become an UnFranchise Owner. You will be able to take advantage of the many career opportunities you can develop from being your own boss, including the Shopping Annuity and the DynexSM Project.

It's very easy to get started. Unlike other business opportunities, we help you stay in the profit margin.

You’ve probably noticed  all the different options and variations that are possible once you join. There are many possibilities you can use to launch your business and begin your UnFranchise journey.

Starting out in a new financial adventure that promises you the high road is exciting. For many of you, this is a no-brainer because you've had experience in the past. 

For those of you starting out on this new adventure: All we can say is that this is the real deal and you need to check your ego at the door, and allow yourself to be helped. That's what we're here for!

  • We do not get paid for you registering a business.
  • We do not get paid when you use our services.

This is a unique situation where we get paid only if YOU make an income.


The quickest Overview in the Wild Wild West

We are looking for qualified people that want to make want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

  1. You Book an appoint  and receive an email confirmation
  2. An Alliance Agent or a Sponsor contacts you
  3. You chat for 15 -30 mins about you and what you want to do 
  4. You set up your next appoint for a 1st Look
  5. Follow up with your Mentor
  6. Register your business
  7. Setup appoint to Setup Your Unfranchise
  8. Get your quick and easy training schedule
  9. Start Learning howto Shop and Save Money
  10. Start growing your business and making money


We’ve outlined the basic steps:

  • Meet and Greet: Get a Sponsor
  • Your sponsor will meet with you.
  • Your sponsor will hear your ideas and find your strengths for the business opportunity
  • Your sponsor will put you on the right path of understanding how you can expand your business opportunity with the talent that you have or the business that
  • You're already working the business without being paid.
  • Your sponsor will show you the business plan and Marketing System.
  • Your sponsor will provide you a tour.
  • ...and eventually, will register you if he or she feels you qualify.


Content Marketing is the new way to get a hold of folks like you.

Build Your Why:

The fact is that something is only important to you once you place importance on it. So you need to have a reason why you are doing this business. This reason, or your “why”, will keep you motivated and help you stay focused on the end goal. Your mentor will go over the following questions with you:

  • What about the potential benefits of this business can assist you in your life?
  • How can this benefit your loved ones?
  • How can this business help you financially?
  • How can this business help you in your time?
  • How can this business allow for opportunities you are not able to do right now (i.e. travel, spend more time with family, get rid of debt, take up a new hobby,
  • More time to cook and exercise, etc.)?
  • Get an idea why this business is so beneficial for you and is absolutely the only industry of its kind.
  • Based on all of the information that you provide to your sponsor, he will come up with some scenarios and ideas that are an absolute hit with entrepreneurs.


First Look: See the Business and the Compensation Plan:

  • Your sponsor will then allow you to see the compensation plan in person, at one of our local meetings, or even online.
  • You will see how you get paid.
  • You will see how you get Multiple Streams of Income.
  • You will also see some of the benefits of having your own SHOP.com/MA UnFranchise Business.



These assessments are there to help you start earning as much BV and IBV as possible. This is something that you, in turn, can show others who are going into the business.

  • Take your online assessment so you can start maximizing your BV and IBV.
  • Take a tour on your SHOP.com web portal so you can see all the places you can save.
  • Shop partner stores: Name brands you already know and love.
  • SHOP Local: This is a way to get cash back just by using your linked card to shop at participating restaurants and more!
  • Gift Cards: Buy gift cards at partner stores or to your favorite stores not yet featured as a Partner Store.



Book It!


We are here for you from A - Z

Regardless whether you're interested in learning how you can make an income from home, or you're interested in learning how you can be part of a multi-billion dollar industry, the first step in seeing if this is for you, is to book the appointment.

We provide a no-nonsense method of explaining this great opportunity to you, in the sweetest way.

Our opportunity has created over 400 millionaires. Statistically speaking, that's not bad for a company where you can control your own participation and efforts.

Most of all, the organization is nearly 200,000 people strong. Now you know that many people can’t be wrong!


Why Book Your Appointment?

As we said, we are No Nonsense and we say it like it is.

We realized that other companies and salespeople have rather ruined some of the perspectives of good people seeking out positive and lucrative employment opportunities. However, at the same time, people with no shame and no smarts tend to get the better jobs and opportunities. We like to say that because the successful people do what the other people do not do.

We guarantee that we will be as honest as we know how. We have too much to offer and a wide range of ways you can become successful. This includes a compensation plan that can have you firing your boss in an average of 2 - 3 years (you read correctly). Although, some individuals have done it in less time.

So set the appointment.


You Snooze, You Lose

Our dynamic program consists of several points of distribution that help each other achieve and obtain their financial goals.

If you have seen the compensation plan, you will know that each UnFranchise business receives 100% BV and IBV (Streams of Income) as more UnFranchise owners assume these exciting opportunities. That means that by waiting to make a decision on this no-risk opportunity, that you would be losing vital revenue streams through this organization. So if you are reading this and you have been looking to seek an opportunity that can dramatically change the outcome of your life, do not hesitate to see how this will benefit you.


You're the Boss

The idea of your meeting is to not only find out if this opportunity is for you, but how you can take advantage of it. Reverse engineering your way of thinking is key. Ask questions on how you can achieve the best out of this business.

The thousands of individuals that this revenue stream is working for know that it works. So use your skeptic skills to find a way to make it work for you. We will help and steer you in the right direction.


Get Sponsored

Just because you contact us does not make you sponsored. We will have to find a sponsor for you if you don’t already have one. Just like a job interview, you need to let sponsors know you are trainable and reliable.

  • Remember: The longer you wait, the more money you lose. 
  • Book it: Your appointment using the SetMore - Book Appointment.
  • Appointment: Make your meet and greet appointment



Meet & Greet

 Meet and Greet:

This is your moment to shine. Remember that Sponsors do not get paid for registering you their sole purpose is to help you become successful. If you get contacted by and iNet Community Alliance Agent then they have already seen something in you that they like. 

Once you register your business your sponsor is their guide and you'll get the training that you need to become successful as well as the ability to express your ideas. 

Even though you register your business with you Sponsor you can still continue building your business with other members of the community or even solo. And believe it or not, your Sponsor will still be on your side.

Your 1st Meet and Greet

Your first meet and greet might be only 15 minutes long, don't be discouraged if it is only a few minutes.

After getting some information from you and taking down some of your goals, your sponsor or the Alliance Agent will show you some options.

  • You will be able to get some of your questions answered
  • You will be asked a few questions about yourself
  • You will be asked about your financial goals
  • You will be asked some questions about hidden talents
  • You will be asked for a follow-up meeting
  • You will be sent a welcome email with some general information and a Free CashBack

1st Look

Depending on your sponsor or your Alliance Agent, you will be given

  • a tour of our online tools
  • Talk a little about the different options
  • Get to know the iNet Community
  • Have a 1st hand look and presentation on the Compensation Plan
  • You will get to talk about how MA/Shop.com and the iNet Community can assist you 
  • Your sponsor will help you determine if you qualify to register 
  • He will also see which team members may be of  best help to you
  • Show you other online community that creatively use their MA/Shop.com that you can follow to see their success

Overview or Presentation

If you know someone that might be interested in having a free online presentation, you can earn extra income when you add them to our contact list and we can call him or her later. That person can become an income stream once you register your business.






Register Your Business 

Since you already know that there is no job that's going to pay you an unlimited amount of money whenever you desire, it is important to always remember that you are registering to become an unfranchise owner.

  1. When you register as a none franchise owner you are giving multiple opportunities on how you can expand your multiple points of distribution and how you want to run your business.
  2. As a small review, remember that your UnFranchise Business has all of the tools that you need to begin to start a successful Journey.

What we will go over right now are the simple steps that you can expect in order to start your own franchise business.

  1. If you read through the shopping annuity portion, then you are all ready to go.
  2. Registering your business is the absolute first thing you have to do when you are decided to become an entrepreneur as a non-unfranchise owner.
  3. By now you should have already spoken to your sponsor( that is someone who's going to take you by the hand and show you what they know as a jump start) in order to get your business registered. If you do not have a sponsor that will vouch for you, then you will absolutely need to get one. You can use our contacts section to choose one of our alliance agents.
  4. When you register your business you will go online and go through a few steps in which you become empowered And start the first Epson leaving an hourly paid Commercial world that leads into the 45-year plan without a guarantee of a pension, 401K, Etc..


Registration of Your Business with Your Sponsor:

  • Your sponsor will walk you through a registration process. This process is simplified so that you, in turn, can learn to do for others in the future.
  • Your sponsor will help you with starting your web pages and provide you with the tour of the UnFranchise system once you register.
  • Your sponsor will also help you find social media groups--great opportunities for networking!
  • Training: Your sponsor will bring updates for the next training courses and seminars to attend.


Setup and Overview:

  • Set up your UnFranchise
  • Set up your personal websites
  • Tour your UnFranchise.com backend


Unfranchise setup:

In order to maintain your business legal and current there are 3 things you will need to do. Learn about your quarterly form 1000 and how to enter receipts. Your sponsor or a member of iNet Community will assist you to learn how this process is done.

Unfranchise set up webpages:

Once your tour of your back office is complete, we know how eager you would be to start your UnFranchise journey. You sponsor or a member of the iNet Community will go over your new website set up.

Shopping Assessment:

If you have not already, your sponsor or a member of the iNet Community, will assist you on how to work through changing your habits from spending on things you love to being able to earn cashback, BV, and IBV for the things that you love and already are purchasing.




Unfranchise Overview:

Your sponsor or a member of the iNet Community will walk you through your very own business back office provided by MA/Shop.com. He will


  • Your mentor will go over these courses with you in detail.
  • How to Start the ABC Pattern of expanding your Distribution
  • Humanacon: UFO JumpStart Course
  • NUOT: New UnFranchise Owner Training
  • Basic 5
  • Audio on UFMedia
  • Training videos on YouTube and Meeton.com
  • BIBX (Business in a Box): This is another resource available at no charge that assists you in creating a successful business mindset.


Schedule Your Meeting and Training Online

Like any successful business, the faster you get moving, the faster you can make an income. So we would like to be sure you take control of your schedule for the next few weeks.

  • You will be given a Step 1 Briefing or (new UnFranchise business owner)
  • Meet and Greet
  • Business overview
  • Business compensation plan
  • Registration Date
  • Set update
  • Humanacon - Learning the UnFranchise business and how to set up

Training Schedule:

  •  We will go over what you need to know and the primary classes needed to get started
  • Online training and overview of the iNet Community.

Look through your options and see which best suits you
Set up a time where we can go over some of the options available that will help you build a stronger business and help get the world out there.

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